Dinosaur Trapped

On Friday afternoon Beech class worked in groups to design and make some fantastic dinosaur traps to catch our dinosaur once and for all! We baited our traps with food (mainly fish) and put inside the traps everything a dinosaur would need to survive. We then left the traps over the weekend to see if we could catch our mischievous dinosaur.

On Saturday Miss Hancox checked the traps and there was no change. However, on Sunday she came into the classroom to find quite a surprise…

Click here to watch the video.

Beech class dinosaur video

Last week we arrived in school to find a huge mess in our classroom!

Footprints lead all the way through the classroom to the dinosaur’s nest. Tissues and fruit were spread across the carpet.

This video was taken by Miss Hancox just before the children came in that morning. See if you can hear the strange sound…

Watch our dinosaur video here.